System Requirements

System Requirements 


Virtual Reality Headset

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Softspace is a virtual reality app, so you’ll need a headset to use it. Softspace runs on all the major PC-tethered virtual reality systems: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Windows Mixed Reality.

We would recommend you use a headset that offers good display quality and ergonomics, as these will have the greatest impact on your experience in Softspace.

Softspace doesn’t currently support standalone headsets—but we’re actively working on it!

Recommended Headsets

Samsung Odyssey+ ▸

HP Reverb ▸

Oculus Rift S ▸

Computer With Dedicated GPU

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Virtual reality is more demanding of your computer than regular apps. It’s important to us that you stay comfortable and productive while using Softspace, which means having the right hardware.

We also know that not everybody has or wants an expensive gaming PC. That’s why we’ve carefully optimized Softspace to run smoothly on computers that creative people already use, but which may not meet conventional requirements for virtual reality.

Minimum Hardware

2GHz Dual-Core CPU
AMD Radeon Pro 460 GPU

e.g. 2016 15” MacBook Pro

Recommended Hardware

2GHz Quad-Core CPU
AMD Radeon Pro 580 GPU

e.g. 2017 27” iMac

Windows 10 + SteamVR

Software Platforms.png

To use Softspace, your computer needs to have Windows 10 and SteamVR installed. You’ll also need drivers for your hardware, including GPU and virtual reality headset. These should be readily available on your hardware’s manufacturer websites.

To run Softspace on a Mac, you’ll need to install Windows 10 using Apple’s Boot Camp feature. Please note that some virtual reality hardware manufacturers, such as Oculus, do not officially support Apple hardware. You may need to install third party software to use these headsets on Mac.