Your dream
creative workspace.

Softspace is a magical workspace filled with your notes, sketches, drawings, and models. Invite others to join you inside, no matter where they are in the world.


Real 3D, fast & free.


Save time, save money. Softspace uses virtual reality to give you a view into your digital files that you've never had before.

Its drag-and-drop simplicity makes it easy for you to pin up drawings and review 3D designs, just like you do with physical prints and physical models.


Work together.


Make collaboration fun again, while saving on those travel expenses. Step into your Softspace together with your teammates, collaborators, and clients.

Have a conversation side-by-side, surrounded by your work—whether you're a desk apart, or an ocean apart.

Creative Studio Full.jpg

Room to make.


To make beautiful things, you need beautiful surroundings. Organize, discuss, and develop your work in one of Softspace's inspirational environments.

Because it's virtual, you have as much room as you need to pin up references, sketch out ideas, and lay out your vision.


See the future of creative
collaboration for yourself.